Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Extreme Lust

Since I know I cannot fit on an F1 BMX, and Nick has infected me with elevated stay madness. I've started taking a liking to these:

Oh... and what do we have here:

I emailed the guy, and he gave me the parts spec:

San Marco Salle Ti Seat (Saddle)
Thompson Seat Post
Cane Creek c-2 Head Set
Kore Elite Stem
Race Face Crank Arms
Rock Shox Judy J-2
Mavic Hook Worm 26x3.0
Med. Haro Frame
Azonic Bull Bars
Azonic X- Pedals
Real Brake Levers

Uhhh... wow. Dare I relive 1990?


Nick said...

I could never get down with Haro's bent-tube elevated stay design. Why unnecessarily weaken the frame? Rocky, Mantis, and Nishiki all had far, far cleaner executions.

((lyledriver)) said...

The wishbone stays on that frame are plenty strong Nick. It was a popular frame that went unchanged for a number of years. That being said, the seller was in PA, and only worked in NY.. and he wasn't willing to bring the bike in on the train for me to have a look. I wouldn't have paid the $300 he was asking anyways.

My next MTB (unless its a 29er) will have elevated stays and WILL be vintage steel. that rules out a Cirrus, and half of the Nishiki/Mantis designs (literally)... I guess leaving me with only the early Nishikis. The bolt together alu/chromo ones were cool, but I don't think I would trust that junction after this many years.

morgman said...

At that price and with the unusual qualities of the bike, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't sell it. Wait a few weeks, shoot him another email, see if you and Alan can ride out there to check it out. This looks like a good project, and has some cool city mods already.