Saturday, November 01, 2008

Good vs. Evil

James Weeks and I made an alliance for tonight's race, and chose the Good side. We were having a very well-executed race until part way through the second manifest. James went down on grass and concrete at the Cambie Bridge checkpoint and separated his shoulder. After assessing the situation, I checked with James that it would be alright to continue by myself.

Missing my hired conscience, I still came in for 7th overall, and 1st non-messenger - my best performance in a respectable courier race by far. Thanks to all the labour that went into a great night; no thanks to the burning sensation in my throat and stomach from 1755 Barclay to the finish at Glen and Evans.

Nick claims to have had superior route planning and a great race. As far as I can tell, putting a rear brake back on the .243 was a good move. The police presence at the finish line sprints and skid comp prevented us from seeing whether the bald rear tire really does slide like teflon.

James still finished the race, earning the night's "hard man" title and a box of goodies courtesy of the organizers. We parked our bikes high on a pole outside the Cobalt, a sign of victory and camaraderie. James, thanks for riding with me. Camilo, congrats on finishing first. I'll see about finding some photos on my camera when it isn't 5:19am.

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gabrielamadeus said...

Morgan sux! Okay so it is 6:56 am on halloween so I may not be the best judge. Wish I had been there, we just rode around and crashed parties.