Monday, August 25, 2008

Rusty Life

This photo is from just before a 50km booze cruise in Amsterdam, stopping at four pubs, with 130 less-than-practical bikes. This custom cruiser from Finland has about 400 hours of work into the frame alone. I spent the majority of the following ride talking to this guy (in the ponytail) and his wife (he's got about 250 hours into hers) about his bikes and building process. He's got a number of projects on the go - including cars - every one of them all-out. 

Their site is; a quote from the bicycles page: "What would kustom kulture be without bicycles? Empty and hollow... So 80's. No one misses such crappy times."


Anonymous said...

what continues to baffle me about bikes like this is with all the time and effort and attention to detail put into them to make them a rolling piece of art is that they all still use cheap one-piece cranks.

i guess dura-ace track cranks wouldn't really suit it but there's got to be some sort of bmx crank that could work?

Nick said...

Pedal clearance.

It's a lot easier to find short Ashtabula cranks than short 3-piece cranks, as our mini-riding brethren will attest.