Friday, August 15, 2008

Speedy Delivery

I'm living uptown.
Its a weird mix of Spanish Harlem, Harlem ghetto, and Columbia students.
That being said, there are two categories of bikes on the street.
University student's gas pipe bike boom specials, and food delivery bikes.
I'm seriously in love with the latter.
I guess its because I've always had a thing for big front racks.

Typically, the food delivery bike is just your basic mtb, with a Wald Newsboy basket on the front. But the fun doesn't stop there. oh no.

Some of the other interesting mods I've noticed are:

-Front of the basket cut open. occasionally hinged, with a bungee cord attached (pizza boxes)
-Bars cut down pretty short for traffic
-tape wrapped frame/fork for chain locking to anything
-security skewers (pipe clamps), and saddle chains
-1.5" slick tires
-good front brakes (koolstops)
-flipped stems and bar ends for aggressive positioning
- 'THE' motocross style fenders
-road double cranks replacing the mtb ones
-road cassettes
-high end wheelsets

These things scream 'food delivery is serious business!' ...and it is. Manhattanites must not like to leave their apartments.

Anyways, onto the food delivery bike pron:

Here we've got a Cannondale with its basket cut open, front koolstops, cut bars, tape job and a rear fender.

Yep, another Cannondale. This one has cut bars, a saddle chain... and a headshock damping front basket. How the crap this works, I don't know. I guess the mass of the food provides an intermediary linkage arrest for the parallelogram formed by the basket. Could this be the next Girvin design?

This one isn't too special. I just liked that its a full sized folder, with a giant Wald. Also, notice the radial XT wheel locked up beside it.

Here's where things get fun. This bike and the following bikes don't have baskets. They are either ridden one handed, or the food is hung on the bar ends. This guy has a really nice tape job that extends to his forks. Also, his stem is flipped and the riser bars are all the way forward to get into battaru position. For security he's got pipe clamps and a saddle chain.

Dazzling, isnt it? The tape job isn't incredible, but these wheels more than make up for it. Also notice the chopped down flat bar with low down bar ends. The 'THE' fenders round off the package.

Check out these two cuties! Of course, the Trek is the one that gets all the attention when they out at da club.

Here's the upskirt shot. Road cassette and road cranks, Mavic wheels and anodized pedals. YEOW! I saw this one ripping up Amsterdam St. the other day and I damn near sprained my neck tryin to get a look.

This is quite possibly the hottest food bike I've ever seen in my life. Its a Vice DO. I felt kinda perverted after I shot this photo.

Phew. Thats about enough fapping for now. Can you believe I found all these bikes within a 4 block radius of my place?


nikcee said...

this post contains high levels of awesomeness...

haley said...

you are going to become a food deliverer, I can sense it.

morgman said...

where do they get those fucking massive chains?

midnightsimon said...

Morgan: home depot?

Lyle - looks like the badded up commuter MTB is the hip ride of choice in your borough - is that the case?

((lyledriver)) said...

That depends on your definition of 'hip' and 'borough'.

These MTBs are pretty much exclusively a mexican thing, and I haven't seen many of them 'downtown'.

When I ride down there I see messengers with all types of road machines, and hipsters on garish deep vee'd riser'd tarck bikes.

If I go even further uptown Manhattan, I see a lot of mag'd out BMX's with chrome components.

On Your Left said...

Food delivery is where the bucks are for bike courier jobs in Manhattan. And the owner of Track Star is a former pizza delivererrerr.

These bikes are awesome, and your documenting is superb.

By the way I got a good chuckle about your big rack fetish....