Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ech·e·lon [ éshə lòn ]

I killed my Atmos.
Its kind of underwhelming since I wasn't wearing it at the time.
I was really hoping I would get to test it on my head.
It DID save my hard drive though, as proved by this post.
I've already replaced it, with a slightly more economical model.
Not as light, not as cool, but acceptable none the less.
The venting doesn't seem to work as well, but its better than the Pro-tec, which is unbearable in this heat.
I'll just have to ride faster to force the hot air into it.
I better put it to use and get back on my fucking bike.
Watch out Central Park roadies, I'm going to get you on the climbs.

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morgman said...

The front of the Special ed helmet looks like a giant intake of sorts. Possibly like a whale shark.

Speaking of the climbs, I rode to work today without dropping below 53/20, which is my fixed equivalent 71" gear.