Monday, August 18, 2008

Rocky Mountain, High.

Sorry, I'd love to keep reading the internet, but I'm going out to ride this thing.


nikcee said...

what is it with you and the grotesque bar tape? ;)

looks nice, how is it? i'm assuming its cam's old one.

morgman said...

The pink in the bar tape matches the tire. Take that. The tin tin spoke card balances the heaviness inherent in the front end.

It's got a new wheelset and chain, and contact points have been measured for similarity to the KHS. Saddle and bars are from the KHS, in fact. The c-c measurements are 52 st 55 tt.

It's a bit of a long reach at the moment, but I've not ridden this or any track bike in a while. Could go back to risers with this stem, and look for a shorter one for drops. Choice in threadless stems seems pretty good.

((lyledriver)) said...

Of course the choice in threadless stem is good, I PICKED IT OUT~!

morgman said...

Rode to Deep Cove today, with a detour for that necessary, yet so unnecessary 100m elevation gain. I'm going to need new pedals and cleats.

Cruiz said...

actually Lyle, that FSA stem sits on a much nicer bike. Janine's 650c Serotta Colorado.