Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm going to miss this

Liquid Ice hangs in the air.
CABC0308 has lied to me.
5°Centigrade my ass.

There's frost on every car, and the asphalt sparkles under the streetlights. The air is heavy, and it permeates my sweater.
Standing to power up a hill results in a loss of traction.

I nearly collide with a stealth cyclist in John Henry's park. My lights don't seem to reflect off anything. Cars, signs, the Prostitute at Gladsway. They've all got a thick matte finish of nearly frozen condensation.

All six windows of the Corolla behind me are opaque.
It seems to be navigating by my LED alone. Stalking me in 2nd gear.
I wonder what would happen if I turn off my lights.

Normally the fog density is inversely proportional to one's altitude.
Not today. Its thick all the way up until the south slope. ..and I only notice because I realize I can see the infared cameras on the corners of the new McMansion.

I get paranoid about flat tires. I would hate to have to remove my mittens in this.

I'm almost at operating temperature by the time I have to slow my descent

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morgman said...

Fog like that is the result of a temperature inversion, where colder air sits below warmer air. It happens a few times every winter here in Vancouver, and is promoted by our topography. I wouldn't be surprised if the airport was 5┬║ at the time.