Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A header quote worth eternalizing.

To start, a couple for the B-tionary.

monstrumental: a combination of monster and instrumental; an instrumental monster.

ratchet: a modern four pawl BMX freewheel, which sounds like a ratchet strapped to your hub.

Herbert Werthers and his older bro the Megatron were monstrumental in the Proj-B summer manual sessions. Lyle and I are both manualing through two lane intersections. Next up, hop to manual - I'm eyeing the north downhill grind box at Confederation Park. Anybody up for a Confederation adventure that doesn't involve John A. MacDonald, contact Project B. The fall air is great while one-wheeling a ratchet through First and Commercial.

What a great time to get your first real BMX; it looks like n1ck is going to be rounding out P-B's fleet of twenties, after respectfually passing up the '98 S&M Next Gen Dirt Bike. That guy deserves a BMX by now, even if he's only most likely to find another nerve ending that doesn't comply with what Cru Jones would have called freestyle riding. Duncan, Mr. 700cmx, has a Fit that n1ck's soon enough acquiring. Too bad it doesn't fit Duncan; I wonder if he'd be better on a bigger frame.

Though I haven't been riding 700cmx lately, I have been geared hooning on the Marinoni, and have decided that I don't want to think about 7 speeds; I want 6: 3 low and 3 high. And, if the deal for the 600 shifters goes through, I'd not have a choice whether I ran friction with a 6-speed freewheel. The seven speed freewheel does dangle in front of me, though I so dislike the still-large range and contrasting black colour (paintable, maybe?) of the 28 tooth big ring. Sometimes makes you want to ride a single speed freewheel, which happens to look like the Sekine's next incarnation - which would be great as a guest bike.

We'll finish up with a quote from Trent, currently seen in the header quote: "in hindsight, hot-knifing shitty allan keys on my stove to burn a hole in my rim tape for the valve stem might not have been the most straightforward solution." Classic, Trent. You're right, the drill probably wouldn't have worked very well either. Nice score on the Drago.

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((lyledriver)) said...

N1ck can has medical, right?

Congrats on the purchase (you too Trent).

mmm hyperglide.
mmm womboltz.

Wait. Didn't Nick say something about not allowing ANY plastic near his BB? What are you going to do now man? get some custom wedges machined out of Alu?

I was thinking of rebuilding my ratchet one of these rainy weeks. Just need to hit Raeside for some 6902RSz... is that what yours takes? I might just buy a tube of them.