Thursday, November 15, 2007

The CL and the Morons

Andy and I went out to look at one of these peoples' bikes in "Coquitlam". Turned out it was Port Coquitlam, more like Mary Hill Bypass. It was an older Nishiki, which didn't look too bad for a conversion considering what Andy was looking for.

We headed out there, and took the thing for a spin. A significantly dented front 27" steel wheel, making for sketchier than stock braking, and the kicker: a bent left crank arm. I got off the bike, and proceeded to inform the sellers about the problems they had not disclosed.

Since then, Chris the Biking Penguin has hooked Andy up with Raleigh St. Clair, which he is riding regularly and enjoying learning about bike mechanics with. Much better than a misrepresented piece of crap from shady people in shady locations.

The Nishiki that we looked at was later reposted at the exact same asking price with no mention of the bent crank arm. What a bunch of maroons.


mander said...

Hey!!This shady location happens to be my home!!!!!

midnightsimon said...

that doesn't make it any less shady, man