Saturday, November 11, 2006

Project-B hits the MC3

Shit yeah! I love the MC3!

We showed up right on schedule at the gazebo to see the regulars.
I reintro'd myself to the oldschoolers. They've been around a lot. I feel like I've been on the fringe of this scene for a while now.

Everyone is in great spirits.. because its the MC3's second anniversary.
2 years of being a bike gang. core core. We rep the Project B shirts and get the name known.

Its pouring. so I get a poncho fasioned from reflective safety blankets. it works GREAT. I'm warm and dry.

Morgan eats pavement crossing pacific of all streets. Right at the start of the freakin ride. Alcohol numbs the pain. for sure.

The 'high school art' exhibit is great. I love the cartoons!

Again we're at the Crab pier (more like crap pier?) I am so happy that I've been here 2 times in 3 nights. I really can't get over it.

We roll by the old MC3 shop. I was eager to tell people that I had built a chopper there. it made me feel a part of something really positive.

We ripped up and down the streets. Escorting our chopper brethen through the intersection, with cohesive communication amongst the gang. this is the way to roll. serial. super serial.

After pubbing, and pizza, we end up at a really 'female' party. but thats cool cause I run into Laura and Tobi, who both fucking rule. dirty bikers show up, distract all the lesbians, and then roll. you know we don't stop.

I'm fucking hyped. tired, but hyped.
We make it back to a guy named Lee's house. I guess Lee lived with Jim back in the day. I wonder when back in the day starts. I was probably around then too. its all so connected. blogoblog.

For a badass chopper gang, I gotta say, the MC3 is incredibly accomodating =D
Thanks for the ride.

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