Thursday, November 02, 2006



At the Gazebo, things were chill as per usual. I met a couple new people, Momentum Amy, Tenten, Josh (or was it Ross?). We were determined to actually ride somewhere, since it wasn't raining, and there was a decent turnout.

NikC had suggested we head east to play in a schoolyard off commercial, but I wanted to go a bit further. I convinced everyone to head out to New Brighton park, as there is tennis courts, and a pier there. Once we were all saddled up, Amy shot us as a group. I hope to get a copy of that pic.

The spin out there was pretty chill. We kept it low altitude by zigging through cracktown, and all the industrial areas north of Hastings. As we warmed up, the crowd slowly picked up speed.
Rather, Louise, Adam and I picked up speed =D

Unfortunately, we found the tennis courts to be dark and still netted, so we did a loop around the cloverleaves that separate the roads and the track, then we headed to the treehouse.

Its a pretty quiet spot to sit and watch the city. Though, with 5 people already climbing in it, I (and a couple others) didn't think it would be safe to add more.

Once we were back on the bikes, we decided to attack the big hill, and head straight south on Skeena. Now, this is only a 46 vertical metre climb, but it gets steeper as you go. I had fun racing Adam up it, and watching him blow up just near the top. It was a great way to warm up after standing around in the cold. After that we hit Adanac to bomb west along the rolling hills airing the speed tables all the way.

The group wanted to get some hot chocolate on the drive, so thats where I broke off to head home.

Overall, a pretty fun spin with zero problems =D

Next Project-B meeting is Saturday Morning 8am, Bons.
Agenda items will include but not be limited to:
-the 'drome
-logo design
-saucy waitresses

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