Thursday, November 09, 2006

Find the Free Agent

Last night's ride was great!
I ended up putting down 25km, giving me 54 for the day.

I showed up to the Gazebo 15 minutes early, and there was already 5 people there.I think at one point there was nearly 20 milling about.
Since Simon's bike was recently stolen, I wanted to try and get this posse together to sweep the DTES and look for it. Its a long shot, but why not try?

Nick, Skylar, and some other guy (James?) were reppin the freewheels, stylin as much as possible.Skylar is a hazard for sure. I really wish that guy would wear his helmet. He's good.

I had printed out maps of the DTES and highlighted the 'crack affected areas' where one could see bikes being bought and sold... so pretty much the whole DTES was highlighted.
We did a snake pattern east north west north east north west north along the east side of Main.. and then decided to hit Hastings and really get into the meat of it.

After a slow cruise of the strip, Skylar led the group down the sketch alley between Carrall and Columbia. I have no problems with that, but quite a few in the group got noticably scared. The junkies are for the most part, docile, and a pack of 12? bikers is not something that their going to mess with.
I was suprised when Skylar and I were at the end of the alley, and we looked back to see that the whole pack did indeed follow us through the alley.

A few people wanted to take a break, so I led them to the ever slick pier at Crab park.
The cops rolled by, but they can't touch us, so they moved on.
I then raced Mark to Canada place. I think he's about 140lbs, and was riding something like 48/17.. I was spun out, but I don't think he had any more torque, and we were matched pretty much the whole way. Good spin along that stretch.

The roll through Coal harbour was slow, as was my roll home.The knees were glowin as I prepared for bed.
"You want some of this? You want some of the glowing?"

Its too bad we didn't spot the bike.How fun would it be to triumphantly roll back to Simon's to present him with his steed.
Oh well, there's always tonight..

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