Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Is this going to become my commuting blog?
Might as well since I'm the only contributor.

Things are going okay. I'm getting reorganized, trying to clear the mind.
This week seems alright for commuting so far.
Today it was 5°C and clear.

Yesterday evening it was like that as well.. however, I managed to get a flat.
I guess my rear Continental is getting a little thin, so whenever its wet out and I roll over glass, I'm really taking a chance.

In the 10 minutes I spent on the tire, two other bike commuters rolled by, both asking if I needed help.
Thats 100% of bike commuters being helpful people!

After patching the tube, I booted the area with the glass shard as I couldn't dig it out, and it held.

..the only crappy part was that I broke my SKS multitool trying to get my tire on.
Apparently you cannot use the tire lever in cold weather, as was my suspicion all along.

I've since abandoned the SKS (allen set, 10mm wrench, chain breaker, tire levers) and will now pack separate PROPER tools.
Pedros Tire levers
Allen set
Park chain breaker

Hrm.. I guess that leaves out the 10mm.
I only really need those for brake bolt and fenders.
Am I chancing it going without those?


nikcee said...

personally i think you can chance it... though i always have my trusty 15mm cone wrench. thats in part b/c i use the same tool kit for the pretty bike and thats my track nut size as well as being the right size for my pedals.

having the 10mm to adjust yr fenders could help if you need to do on-raod adjustments... but... how likely is that (touch wood)

morgman said...

I will always carry a 10mm wrench for the fenders. They're so fragile and flimsy that occasional adjustments are necessary. On two occasions, I've ended up with the fender getting caught in the tire (once each front and back) and being seriously mangled. For the few grams a wrench weighs, I'd rather know that I won't get stuck in a situation where my (POS) fenders made for a shitty day.