Monday, March 08, 2010

The Shore Beckons

Fresh off yet another weekend of hardtail shredding, we're stoked on the ride and stoked to get back up there. Four of us met up with Andrew from Brodie Bikes at the crack of 9am Sunday morning, fully caffeineated as expected and ready to climb the fire road up Mt. Fromme.

First, your friendly neighbourhood Bike Checks:

Lyle's Haro Extreme is a conversation piece standing still, let alone being tossed down rocks, roots, and ladders. With a NOS Marz MZ1 from Dave at Ride On, it's that much more extreme.

My Brodie Catalyst, being confused for a vintage bike on a regular basis. 8 rides and I was through the first pair of front brake pads. Very happy with the decision.

Tim's Specialized Rockhopper, ugly on flat ground but sweet once it's pointed down hill. Listening to Tim breathing down your neck is another story...

James' Haro Steel Reserve 8, one brake, no suspension, serious shredder! Outrigger soccer shoes, unbelievable talent.

I was able to snap a few photos that weren't complete crap, even in the low light conditions of the magical forest.

Tim takes a second full pull on the first log on 7th Secret.

James headed down a switchback while Lyle waits for him to clear it. Being behind the guy with only a rear brake is much less scary than being right in front of him. This photo gives you a good idea of the rock work that both protects the trail from erosion and smoothes out the ride.

7 frame sequence on 7th Secret, made to gif by Lyle himself. This log was steep as hell, and I was the only one left to watch Andrew nail it at speed.

And a shot of Andrew and Lyle on a rock roller coaster section on Pipeline. Click for big!

Ironic Mountain Bike Parking. We all have track bikes, so we're versed in this, right?

Now, sit back and enjoy this video. Sure the airs may be beyond the scope of what we're riding, but the feeling is there - the feeling that is likely to recur next weekend...

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mander said...

Great video, great riding pictures, great bike shots. The cherry blossoms in the bike pics are making me wish i was there.