Thursday, March 25, 2010

The future of bike videos

Now that was a bit of a trip eh? Sorry, I guess Retrobike fever has got a good grip upon my brain. Extreme Klunker touring! Dig the aero position on those moto bars! Here's part two:


Okay, for real real. The future of bike videos. After being linked by multiple sources, I've decided to post the !!!NSFW!!! trailer for the Bone Deth video "Surfin for Ugly Broads":

Bone Deth 'Surfin' For The Ugly Broads' The Movie Trailer from babysabbath on Vimeo.

This seems to be an homage to not only the entire horror genre, but the early skate vids, with ridiculous plots and skits. If we focus on the Horror aspect of it, we see situations one wouldn't normally find themselves in. Like hanging out with tanning martian babes, when zombies burst out of the ground. Similarly, flinging yourself off a multi story drop on 20" wheels. Horrifying, isn't it?

Okay. So once again (c0urtesy of TCU).. here's the NSFW behind the scenes interview with the guys behind this video. Hilarious!

Behind the scenes with BONE DETH from joe cookie on Vimeo.

Okay.. so if you find this thing in bad taste or whatever, let me know. If you aren't in the BMX thing, "Bone Deth" is essentially Sean Burns. It also used to be a crazy BMX jam on the East coast, with ridiculous Blacklabelesque challenges. Here's a total horrorshow video of the goings on at one of the Bone Deth jams:

Gnar. Here's a vid of next years's setup:

So yeah... just WHAT ARE the future of bike videos? Seymour bombs vids? bromantic lifestyle segments? 120FPS? Product commercials?