Thursday, February 18, 2010

Proj-Beer Sprint

Down at the monthly Gastown Sprints roller races people show who's got the most leg speed with zero resistance. As I work better with resistance, I wanted a grudge match with my buds and here it is. Finish your beer before you can finish the race. This was way more fun than getting beat by chicken-legged hipsters, and good for the crowd as well.

I'd like to put out a public word of appreciation for Moses, the man behind the action. He worked his ass off starting this thing up last year and only recently got hooked up with the good people at Cycles Lambert, who are now throwing down prizes every month and making our roller races as lucrative as alleycat racing. It's a format that anyone can participate in, it's indoors, and even if you don't stand a chance to win, you can still race your friends and risk throwing up.

Thanks Nate for the photo. Remember that time I beat you in a race with resistance? Oh yeah. Moses bet on me!

1 comment:

Moses said...

Morgan is a good horse to bet on if there are hills and resistance. I would take that bet every time:)