Monday, February 08, 2010

John Housser - VR on the North Shore

I've come across some amazing VR photo stitches of mountain biking trails on the North Shore and in other places in BC. Below you will find a link to a John Housser's page with the 360ยบ image, and a thumbnail to give you an idea of what you're in for. These are some of my favourites, but there are hundreds (including tons from other amazing locations), so go have a look for yourself!

Ditch Pig Drop - Dan

Old School Oilcan

Tom Rolling on Pink Starfish

Werner Lake Landing

Lakeside in the South Chilcotins

Joffrey Lakes Camping Trip 01

The following seven are BONUS MATERIAL that I can't find on his site... enjoy!

Fromme - Boundary Lower 1

Fromme - Boundary Lower 4

Fromme - Boundary Creek Approach

Fromme - Boundary Tall Bridge

Fromme - Digger Skinnies 1

Fromme - Digger Skinnies 2

Fromme - Digger End Roll


CyclingWMD said...

I would SO get into MTBing if there were places like that close by me..

morgman said...

Roger that Alan, in fact, I'm going out to do so right now. Our office closed at 12 and that means 1 bonus day of MTB!

John J Housser said...

Hey guys, thanks for the props!

Those "bonus" photos were ones I had shot as scouting/test shots, so might have posted them to some bulletin boards, but waiting to get shots with riders in them before I promote them more on my site. Going to be tough though as those are all some pretty low-light situations.

Great to have a back yard like that though for playing around and trying things out.


morgman said...

Hey John, thanks for dropping by! It's tough to capture the gnarliness off the stuff up there, and I think you've done well so far. If you're looking for models, I've got a pretty Brodie hardtail ;P