Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feel Free to Pass...

Another rad day at the mountain. Opting out of both the tweed ride, St. Valentines race, AND Riot2010.. we headed out to get muddy at out local East side spot. Conditions were sloppy, wet, and sloppy. I got to watch Weeks flick his rear K-Rad around roots and berms like it was on ice. Theres a science behind that. I believe the technical term is 'Poo Notches'.

Poohaps that should go in the B-tionary. Oh.. speaking of which:

attention [əˈtɛnʃən]
1. concentrated direction of the mind, esp to a problem or task
2. consideration, notice, or observation a new matter has come to our attention
3. The act of truing and tensioning ones wheels after their break in period My rear wheel could use a tension

Its definitely getting faster out there. I found the best flow would happen when Morgan would lead and eat up the bumps. Weeks would follow and translate Morgan's line to rigid. Then I would follow and try to match Weeks' line. Bigger bars mute your input. Smaller tires wash out easier. The Extreme is getting dialed, and so is the Brotalyst. I feel like I'm 15 again. Lets end this with a straight downhill blast losing 100m elevation for every 600m of trail shall we? Feel free to pass!


mander said...

Awesome video! The choice of music works great.

tenspeed said...

poo notches tomorrow.

morgman said...

I just gave my wheels a tension.