Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stealing more vids.

Thanks again, John. A good BMX vid for the non-BMXers.


mander said...

i like videos like this where the focus is on finding creatively "playful" new stuff to do, and they don't worry so much about going huger or techier. It reminds me a bit of that Japanese rail skater who (iirc) got posted here a while back.

tenspeed said...

I think some of it is to make fun of fixed gear which is good and the y sell a fg frame which is good.

make fun of stuff .
enjoy stuff.

Jason Fuller said...

Definitely nice to see different flavours of BMX. Also, Dr. Dog did a bang up job with that tune.

nikcee said...

mander is echoing what i was going to say...

i get bored watching the next 'hot kid' jump down 3 more stairs doing another bar spin/kickflip.

real progression is in the 'new' ideas.

plus this thinking + style is what makes gonz one of the best skaters ever.

Ross said...

you took the words right off of my keyboard.
As I was watching that my first reaction was "that reminds me of skateboarding, the fun kind, like Mark Gonzales does".
Not all that serious shit.
Just friends hanging out and gettin' rad.
That is a great video.