Thursday, November 05, 2009

All Thumbs Up

Now, before I start this, there's no way I can reach the heights Brandon did with his first and second posts. So, from an entertainment and reading enjoyment perspective, click those links and read all about Brandon's experience with the V02 Max test.

The real reason I'm posting is to announce that I am apparently in good enough shape to undergo a similar test. Stacey Hutton, one of our Mighty Riders team mates, does research with Canadian Sport Centre Pacific out at the Olympic Oval in Richmond.

Today, I did a 20 km time trial in the lab to see if I had the power to take part in her current study. The mark to hit was about 270 watts average over the distance; I passed with an average of 302 watts, and an average speed of 38.9 km/h. That jerk on the screen held me off and won by about two bike lengths.

The 62/16 gear ratio on the test bike was not a factor, as that shiny thing in the back provides magnetic resistance equivalent to the gear you choose. I rode most of the test in the 53/16 (that is, all but the rollout and a few seconds in the 17 during my first couple minutes). It was pretty cool, though. A full 11-23 cogset and the choice of 39 or 53 up front.

As far as fit, the up/down and fore/aft saddle adjustments were good. The saddle itself was a BBB, and my entire choad area was numb by the 10k mark. The bar/stem could also be moved up/down and fore-aft. The hoods were kinda weird, way up high on track bars. The crank length was adjustable as well; I rode a 175.

Since I passed the test, I qualify to undergo a full V02 Max test for Stacey's current study. It will apparently be three sessions of the increasing-resistance test Brandon did, as well as a sprint test known as "The Puker". All thumbs up, right?


savage said...

shoot for 500 watts on the vo2. no, really.

Stacey said...

did i tell you that part of the study involves me measuring your butt cheek? no, really.

tenspeed said...

dude at the track said they are still looking for constants. maybe I can get on board