Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Black Label day!

In a hard situation, our friend Leo (of Black Label Bike Club) has to leave us to go back to Minneapolis. He can't take everything with him, so he's been having a massive bike yard sale. He kept his jig and his welder of course.. but there's just some things you have to let go of. I offered to take care of his tallbike for him. He looked a little choked up as he handed it to me to ghost ride it away.

Of course, in order to ghost ride with a tall bike, you have to be on a tall bike. Leo's mom was concerned for my safety, but I assured her its just like walking with a cane.

..anyways, I'm sure my timetrialtall and the Free Spirit will be good friends.


tenspeed said...

hahaha I was luaghing and rolling on the floor. this must be the first tall pony job in Vancouver.

Nick said...

i herd u like bikes so we put a bike on top of ur bike so u can bike while u bike with a bike on top of a bike while u bike on a bike on top of ur bike.