Friday, December 26, 2008

Weeks slides in at the wire to win Boxing Day Cross

With ridiculous amounts of snow on the ground, Boxing Day Cross was cancelled. Is that right? Can you cancel an event that no one is organizing? Project B responds with a resounding "HELL NO".

Tim Wyatt was at my door at 9:45 this morning with a hardtail downhill bike and his usual abundance of enthusiasm for doing dumb shit - we love you, Tim. A look through the fleet of bikes at the apartment ended up with my Haro mini as a complement to Tim's 6" of travel up front.

After a bodum we were on our way with impractical-yet-fun bikes, and chose to take the bus out to Empire Stadium / Leeside.

Confirming we were the only ones there, we wasted no time in starting the race.

Tim's manual to facewash was a highlight of the early minutes.

A number of runs up and down the stairs at the north-east corner of the park had my ankle smashed and swollen trying to bomb the first of three sections on the mini. Tim showed me up on my own bike by keeping it rubber side down for two of three sets before an entertaining bail at the top of set three.


Next we moved on to the smoother embankment south of the stairs. Nearing the end of the 55 minute regulation time, who arrives but James Weeks on his Rocky Boroughs track bike.

Weeks threw his bike over the brambles and made a leap of faith in his SPD-SLs. The crowd went wild when he harnessed the Boroughs for a full pull down the embankment.

Arriving just before the bell lap, not only did Weeks win the race, but he was also the only competitor to have ridden to the event. I'll leave you with the podium shot from this year's Boxing Day Cross. See you next year.


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I love how no tape is necessary to mark the course, when its a straight downhill bomb.

Congrats for showing CX West how its done. (though I hear they did go out and mess up some snowshoe trails, which has its merits I guess)