Thursday, December 18, 2008

The greatest race that never happened

The Race of Champions 2008

A couple of days ago, track monster Chris Hoy was supposed to race Lewis Hamilton piloting a 600hp Mercedez Benz around a crazy track at Wembley stadium. I was pretty hyped on this after looking at the course layout:

I remembered it this morning and promptly started searching for Youtube vids.
Here's the best one I could find:

I don't know how much those fans paid for the seats, but they were probably pretty bummed... But check it out, here's why. Here's Chris testing out the track surface on his SS Dolan track bike:

It looks pretty sketch. I'm kind of glad they didn't race. After participating in a long and painful discussion on drift physics this morning, I cringe at the thought of sliding a track bike into a barrier in front of tens of thousands of people. Though, for some reason I'm not bothered by the thought of the rear quarter panels of a Benz SLR getting ripped off.

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