Monday, December 08, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say, on an angry Hawaiian Christmas day

Jolly ol' St. Ed has tipped us off to a little Boxing Day luau, brought to you by the merry elves at CX West:

Boxing Day is best spent racing from point to point, elbowing for space with others, getting home with some new stuff, working off the Christmas turkey, ahhh just the thing to help you through the holidays.

Introducing...Boxing Cross.
A unique cyclocross event to celebrate the season of giving by givin'r.
The event will take place at 11am at Empire Bowl on Hastings at the Cassiar junction.
The event will last for 55 minutes plus a lap for all participants.
Upon the completion of each lap each competitor will spin the "wheel of misfortune" and execute the task indicated.
Tasks will range from changing a wheel, trading a bike with the next competitor, taking off a pedal, eating and or drinking something, and other creative distractions.
The Bell will be rung to indicate the last lap upon the crossing of the line by the first rider after 55 minutes is reached. This rider would become the lead rider with one lap to go. The lead rider will carry a flag (think flag football) which must be acquired by the passing rider.
The fastest rider will probably not win. The smartest might.
You must ride to the event. Anyone arriving by car will be forced to dig a hole and sit in it for the entire event.
You must bring your own prize to contribute to the prize pool.
You must bring a piece of warm clothing to be donated to the Covenant House of Vancouver.
This is an unsanctioned ride, you must be willing to assume all risks associated to riding a bike with other people. You must yield to all other park users.
No one is organizing this activity.
It is a coincidence of convenience that we all show up at the same spot looking to do the same thing.
Comments please.



We're beyond stoked that in the absence of Messrs. Cottrell and Lewis, and after the retirement of Jeff Curry from throwing down for the honky-tonk, that not only are people like HeyHey stepping their game up, but people that we don't even know are gettin' down for the get-down, too.

So, in the spirit of the season, we're bringing tallbikes, tall cans, twofortythrees, and two hundred-fifty-odd pounds of pure unadulterated shit talk: Tii.

Mele Ka-drinky-maka!


morgman said...

Wanted: one 26" mud tire.

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking of doing this with the puch...road tires & fenders and all.

morgman said...

You can ride the Sekine if you want; it's still set up for single speed cross.

simon said...

tall bike cyclocross!

morgman said...

mini bike cyclocross!