Monday, September 01, 2008


This thing was parked outside of Tom's diner this morning.

I'm almost certain I saw it go South through Times Square last night around 10pm. Its pretty unmistakable. The rider was wearing a matching bandana as well, bandito style.

Thats a pretty long front end setup.

Last night I also spotted these two making out for a while while straddling their bikes:

I yelled "GET A TANDEM!" but they were too engrossed to hear me.

No signs of bikesnob yet. Of course, I haven't spent that much time in Williamsburg.. and none of the guys I asked at Peel Sessions last week seemed to know.


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morgman said...

The single deep V on the front and the long bar setup makes me think that the only person who could own it is Brock Samson. Let us know if you find the owner.