Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Simply amazing.

Cycling has brought me into contact with a lot of really incredible people. People that make changes, people that are creative, people that just do really rad stuff. Two such examples come to mind right now. (not to exclude any other amazing people I know, these two just happen to be on my internet radar at the moment)

Mykle Hansen

He lives in Portland. He's funny as hell. (funnier actually)
..and he just made this:

He's basically recreated the circuitry behind a cyclocomputer, in Electro luminescent wire format on the back of a biking vest. I think this could go somewhere. I don't think Vancouver drivers would attempt to right hook me if they saw I was going 40km/h. Check it out at speedvest.com

According to the FAQ page, it only goes to 70mph.. which is not quite fast enough for the second person I want to mention in this post.

Sam Whittingham

Sam lives on the quiet island of Quadra BC, and he makes amazing bikes. He's also an accomplished track racer, and participates in IHPVA speed challenges yearly. On Sept. 18th he won the decimach challenge (ie 1/10th the speed of sound, 82.3 mph, 132 Kmh) in a Georgi Georgiev designed Varna Diablo III. Turn up your speakers and watch this! The sound of it just cuts right to my spine!

Congratulations Sam! It is an honour to have ridden with you.

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gabrielamadeus said...

And here I am patting myself on the back for my new top speed of 66mph, down the steepest hill I can find. Sam does it on the flat.

And he makes some sick-ass bikes.

and BTW mykle's latest book is effing hilarious. You can even download podcasts of him narrating the entire book for free!