Monday, January 07, 2008

More fun from the CL

If you read the CL like I do, you probably don't click on every post. In case you don't click things that say "BMX," here's one worth laughing at. This guy might be able to pay me $40 to take the thing away. Good old Guildford.

Powerlite Chaos BMX frame and fork - $40

4130 chomoly Powerlite Chaos Frame and Fork, s/n WYJ8J00223. Chrome was flaking so I was sandblasting it, but I ran out of time so it's about 50% finished, just needs the stickers peeled off, and a coat of red paint, or powder coat would look nice, whatever colour works for you it's gonna look sweet! Nice welds, a strong bike! Only $40 obo! Email quick~......
If you need basic rims, bars, cranks, stem, seat etc to go with it, I can sell you almost all you need to get it going as a rider, you'd just need to build it.

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((lyledriver)) said...

I really dig the font on that thing.