Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bike Swappin'

Since Lyle broke the Bianchi, he has been riding my Sekine. As he was looking for a new frameset and wanted to ride track geometry on the street, it was a no-brainer that he try out my KHS as well. Here are some photos from Wednesday's bike swap breakfast. It's interesting to see how much longer Lyle's legs are: 7cm to be exact.

2005 KHS Flite 100, 57cm square, Reynolds 520. This was the "Ugly-look Winter KHS" that I took to the 2008 6 Days of Burnaby. Race winner; clavicle breaker.

Lyle needed only put 30km on this setup before ordering the identical frameset from Spicer. Fortunately, the SLUT seat post is long enough for him. I'm looking forward to dropping the post and trying out the bullhorns and Sora-Ace caliper.

1981 Sekine, 56cm square, Tange #2. 1cm shorter in the seat tube than Lyle's broken Bianchi. This is what Nick T. would call a "proper gentleman's bike," as it exudes class.

I wanted to try this look on the Sekine ever since I stole its original bar/stem/saddle on the Marinoni. I apologize about the blue tires; they look horrible, but are the best tires I currently own in terms of traction. In fact, I think Lyle's cockpit just doesn't look as good with 7cm less post. After 30km on this setup, I think I'll keep it this way for a bit. Very upright and gentlemanly.

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