Monday, January 07, 2008

6 Day Report

Well. It turns out I'm an idiot and I should have registered for the 'New Racers' category, because just one night of racing was NOT enough!

Projekto Bee sideshow action was in full swing at the last night of the Burnaby 6 Day. We cleaned up again. Morgan took the Scratch race, I took the Pursuit, and N1ck actually got on the track!

I couldn't believe the turnout there either. The stands and beer garden were to capacity, and half of east van was standing in the infield. The Australian pursuit doesn't feel nearly as lonely when there are a few dozen people cheering you on.

Word to teamwork. We're rich with new tires, swag, cash and good times.

Thanks for the great pictures Brandon and Travis and Rob McMurtry:

If I've learned anything in the past week, its that you shouldn't race on a rolled ankle, because you'll win and it will make you think that things like sprinting on tiles and riding with injuries is cool.

Then you'll sit around at home staring at your track bike, and that's not cool.

One last good thing about the night that I should mention, is that I got to meet the Cunny's original owner and design input guy. He just walked up to me and mentioned how he use to own the bike. Tim Kilcullen (1999 national pursuit champion) and I had a conversation about the lug detailing and clearance on my bike. It was freaking great!

I even confessed how I had been streeting the bike, and he was just stoked it was being used. He even complemented me on how it was built up.

I've since returned the bike to street mode, and am patiently waiting for the swelling to go down so I can ride again.

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