Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My body aches, and I didn't even hit the pavement.

After my last posting, the rain stopped, and I managed to get out to New Brighton with my love for a thanksgiving leftover picnic. Red checkered blanket and all. That was nice. I've been drinking a lot of Ginger Tea lately. Not quite the recipe that N1ck uses, but close (ginger root, whiskey, and honey).

Monday was another nice one, and I took the Megatron out after truing up the wheels a bit. Big mistake. I was off my game from the start, and weak like a kitten. Just a 12km street loop wiped me out.

Yesterday was a total writeoff for me. I couldn't do much but watch R edit the crap out of this Seymour Bomb footage. I think it turned out really well.

Oh.. On that note, I've also heard that Ifny is having some medical problems, possibly as a result of her Carcass day injuries. If anyone wants to fill me in, I'd like to hear how she's doing.

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