Sunday, October 07, 2007

Middle School

Well, another rainy weekend.
I've already gone out and gotten soaked once. Its just damp and cold now. We've got 5 more months of this to look forward to.

I've already got all the bikes tuned, and I played with bars a bit:

(Luc-E, about 10 years ago)

If I get bored enough of Youtubing, I might go ride the Cunny on rollers in the garage.


midnightsimon said...

I dont recognize that one - new winter ride?

nberry said...

Oh! John Englebert, Godfather of the freecoaster.

((lyledriver)) said...

Thats the guy!

My first BMX (a Basic Bicycle Co) had a Nankai freecoaster on it, adn I didn't even know it until I brought it in to Ride On for a tune up, and they adjusted the hub for me. I think Morgan's got one somewhere as well.

Doesn't matter though, as I'm not going to hop on the freecoasting bandwagon any time soon.

Oh and Simon, That 'Noni is Rhiannon's.