Monday, October 15, 2007


"After 2 years of testing we are proud to show you the most innovating product of KGB and the best brake system ever for those who like no brakes feelings. Available soon with the normal cable and also with the system for the cable with the 2 brake levers. Worldwide patent by Jukka & Monty (heavy hitters from our patent departement) (Disrespect of this patent will cost you more than 1 dollar by getting new teeth) and we mean it."

The Product is Creative, and they understand innovation breeds imitation. I'll give them that. KGB FLAT.

To me that's funny because I have a certain interest in a product that is currently being straight up COPIED in BMXland. The sick twist is that now that the innovating hub is being high volume manufactured and distributed by Simple, its got quality problems. Where am I going with this? Certainly not to 36Hole anytime this winter. I don't care if KHE makes nice parts.

Design blogs flood the internet. I'm wading through more and more. Can't seem to get out of this state of mind. Must critique and learn from others. I keep thinking about Interbike, and reviewing wrap up reports from random people.

I'm not really sure why I care about bike rack design so much. I use parking meters daily without problems. However, I'm often presented with racks that promise greater security, and ease of use, with a reduced sidewalk footprint. I'm not installing these things out front of my building, so it doesn't really matter to me.

I refuse to believe this is better.

To me, it looks limited.
What if the tire is larger than the fold on the front of the rack?
What if the bicycle uses an unconventional frame design?
Can the bike be inserted in either direction?
A parking meter still wins.

I'm not hating. This is serial. rly srsly. This is my life we're talking about here.

Speaking of which, I'm almost over this cold. Its only hanging on because I don't sleep enough. Full report on the LOW--TIDE & Projekt_B Collabomashup over on their site. Comin' atcha like Dr. Rockso! Ch-Ch-YEeaaahhhh!

This rain has me wanting to ride BMX more and more. Now that I can't, I think about all the times it was dry and I didn't.

Since I'm on the Project-Bialetti and therefore on the complete random, I'll mention I've really been working the angles to get Proj-B into the igloo. Vancouver's only bike friendly indoor ramps.

..and lastly, in order to meet content requirements... Here's Scott Ditchburn riding a bicycle:

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