Sunday, December 10, 2006

Woo! New bike day!

First, you have to read this comic:

Then, you can read about my new bike.

It's a late '80s Miele, with white to blurple pearl fade paint. Riser bar came on it, which is a plus. Shimano Light Action shifters and derailleurs, white brakes with Miele screened on, stock with 700c wheels.

The "Baby Come Back" top tube protector that Lyle made a couple weeks ago is perfect on it. Funny, because he found the fabric scrap at Dressew and had to buy it, but it didn't fit on any of the bikes we tried it on until now. It was meant to be.

My plan is to run it as a 6-speed with the 52t up front, 28c tires, and the riser bar.

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