Monday, December 18, 2006


Point form Project update

-Project-Pho is both educational and delicious. The vietnamese coffee is like liquid meth. No. Not like. It IS liquid meth.

-It seems the only way for Louise to out ride me, is to out drink me first. I can't keep up through Coal harbour without pedal strike. We portage over downed trees in Lord Stanley's cruising area. Louise says Hi to every man she sees.

-N1ck calls a Project-Breakfast meeting, then flails.

-LTR3 is officially owned by Project-B. We're going back Wednesday night to own the LTRace. Note: wear a lighter Jersey.

-Momentum's Harmonizer Party is off the hook. B:C:Clettes rock it THRILLER style, I die a happy zombie:

-Clancy's Angel's are alright. But everyone agrees Clancy must be stopped. The Tuxedo shirt Christian is pretty cool though.

-Sadly I don't win that Chrome bag I so desparately need.

-The quad-turntablists were just getting their electro on when we decided to leave.

-Reverse delta formation all the way out West to the UBC endowment lands to escort a lovely 'Clette and her station wagon Centurion. (carrying two panniers, two extra wheels, and a set of fenders)

-Back downtown for some Pizza, and road rage from our commercial vehicle driving friends.

-We hit the top of the Alley Kitten parkade to relax and reflect.

-Sunday's bike craft fair was pretty cool. Most of the patches and stickers you've already scene. Good thing I didn't set up a table for top tube cozies. That market was covered. I scored a Sprockettes Calendar, with no holes. DIY.

This was my last weekend in town, before heading to the frozen tundra of Hoth Alberta. I like to think that I made the most of it. Things seem to be falling into place. I've got goals for the upcoming year, and lots more fun to look forward to.

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nikcee said...

the bc:clettes were good... but jerome sent me this and blew me away...