Monday, December 04, 2006

arts and crafts time

bored + drill = bike accessories.


((lyledriver)) said...

The only thing suck about that 'valve stem cap' is that it does not actually protect the valve stem from crud/road grime. kind of makes me want to watch Apolcalypse Now though.

morgman said...

I didn't actually call it a valve stem cap ;)

But you are right. This was just the first attempt, and it worked out quite well, the impaling and all.

((lyledriver)) said...

Presta Valve ornament?

I need to find some stuff to drill.

Simon said...

I would reccomend lego men.

would it not also be possible to drill with a smaller diameter drill head and make the army men actually function as protective caps?

morgman said...

Yes, that would be an option, but they have to be drilled pretty deep. It'd be a lot easier to do with a drill press or a vise; I did this freehand.