Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Slumming it

Three of us were in attendance this weekend, as we slummed it on Main St.

Mind you, it didn't really feel like slumming, as I paid double what a normal Projekt-b breakfast should cost. Thanks Jim, that was 'slickety'. The potatos were nicely seasoned too.

After much discussion of inter-scene politics, and the desire to help, we decided it was time to get rad like Cru Jones.

We did a good spot kill on China creek. Skylar tried a 3 to manual out of the teacup and back into the bathtub, with hilarious results both times.
I landed a few incomplete 3s, and N1ck held down the wood ramps.

While working on the G-ville bank, it was learned that Skylar has never seen Rad, and I have never seen BMX Bandits. Possible movie night in the future?

Pretty much every spot near false creek was sessioned, and we were all able to make it back up Mt. Pleasant, just barely.

Next meeting is a potential 'SPACE RIDE' Tuesday night. (THATS TODAY!!!)
This is less of a ride through outer space, and more of a ride from space to space.
The spaces are for this:

There is also a bike bee meeting this Wednesday, see their blog for more info.

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morgman said...

I wonder if there's controversy over which is the epitome of '80s BMX: Rad or BMX Bandits... I've also never seen the latter, let's do it!

The China Creek meeting tonight will be gone to.