Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sketchy Night sessions

N1ck and I hit up Scratchkona for a mini-sesh last night.Some smooth grinds were layed down in the shadows. Unfortunately my pegs don't spark, even at high speed.
I managed to double peg up the incline ledge, and across the bench. Nick was actually able to pop out of some sprocket grinds too.

After we had exhausted all of our possible lines in the park, I suggested we roll to the Powell/Clark loading dock. N1ck declined due to his delicate shoulder, so I went on alone.

I rode there for about 15 minutes before a larger guy (probably 300lbs) walked up from the east sidewalk. I'm not quite sure what this guy's deal was. He had a dated leather jacket, and gold braceletes all down his wrist.

Things started off friendly enough, with him asking where he could get a used BMX around here.So I stopped briefly, 2-3m from him, with a foot on the crank while we chatted.
I told him about the used places in town, OCB, sports junkies, Cheapskates etc..(I didn't mention that a used BMX like the ones at those shops wouldn't hold up to a 300lb guy, but whatever.)

Eventually, he started asking about MY bike..

"What kind of bike is that one?"
"This is a Macneil, they're a Canadian company"
"Oh yeah.." he said while nodding, "How much does that one.." as he started to step forward.

At that point I determined that he was attempting to bridge the space I had purposely left between us.I gave some crank pressure and said "I'm gonna keep riding now." and I looped around to do another sketchy bank fufanu.

On my loop back towards the top of the lot he said "Its like you've got your own playground here!"
To which I replied "All of cracktown is my playground."

.. I hit the bank again, and I heard him say "Hey man, I've got something for ya!"

I kind of ignored that, and kept riding. Eventually, he tired of standing there, and waddled back the way he came.

I did a few more runs, then looped up to the top of the lot again to monitor his position.He was now sitting in a beater Festiva, on a cell phone.
I still wasn't sure of what was going on, so I decided it was time to get out of there.I grabbed my hoodie, and rode out of the lot past him, waving at him in his Festiva.

Now.. The guy COULD have just been a regular joe, asking about bikes...But I got a dealer vibe from him.

Its possible he wanted to jump me for my bike during that conversation. Its also possible that after he determined he wouldn't be jacking me, that he hoped to exchange my bike for some crack.

If he wasn't a dealer, then what the hell was he doing waiting at the loading dock at night?

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