Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The bicycle bee

Wow.This was incredible.I wish I had more time this weekend to help.

Early Saturday morning we were all chillin in the alley behind the Pivot Legal parkade. What better way for everyone to get to know each other besides standing around in the cold, waiting for someone with keys to let us in.
By the time the keys arrived, there was about 15 people ready to work.

The actual setup went faster than I thought it would. Signs were erected, chairs and tables were distributed, tools were set up, Armbands were tied.

I had to get some copies printed up for our workshop, so I had to take off and hit up the local copy shop (on Clark).. Of course they couldn't print from a flash drive, as their 'computer' department wasn't open.
"But there's a computer right there.."

So I had to go downtown and hit Staples.Of course they would take 2 hours.. meaning I had to come back.It seems I did a lot of trips east/west on Pender that day.

The security workshop went over really well. Though it was poorly attended, the people that were there were really receptive to our tips. Apparently there was some talk of Momentum Magazine publishing my security guide.

The stands seemed busy all day, both days. Hopefully my truing stand was put to good use. I haven't checked it to see if its still calibrated.

Saturday Night, N1ck rolled over to my pad and we stumbled down to Simon's for the bike movies and social.. of course, I was too looped to be social, so I planted myself on a couch until I was coherant again. I love Triplettes of Bellville.

Sunday was kind of a writeoff for me. I didn't get much done for myself, but I helped out Kim a bunch and thats rad. When we stopped by the bike bee at 6pm, things were still going strong.
I freakin love this community.

Upcoming Project-B events include:
-Hey Fixie
-Midnight Mass
-Halloween Critical Mass
-Logo design brainstorm sesh ... meet at Bons?
-Sekine 27" wheel integrity investigation
-Project 'N1ck needs a job' bike build
-LTR1 racing class at Burnaby Velodrome Nov 4th
-Finishing my stupid hillclimb chopper

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