Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its time to start the music!

Crank this up:

Mute and full screen:


morgman said...

I am looking forward to riding some trails like that. On my new mountain bike.

Re: Nightwish I'm not sold on the new vocalist's stage presence. When we saw them in concert early 2008 I thought maybe she was just nervous, but you shouldn't look that way in a music video. I miss Tarja but can't complain that they put out 5.5 albums and a live DVD with her.

But since I was watching the mountain bike video, that last paragraph is just a bunch of hot air. Good post.

rhystard said...

not a fan of the vocals at all. needs more metal.

the bikes are cool and i'd rather listen to the shitty electropop soundtrack!

what bike morgan?

morgman said...

I'm eyeing up this guy here.

rhystard said...

looks purrrdy. i really don't like 9speed rears though. at least on the bikes i've ridden, i don't like the chainlines when mixed with mud and shit. (pretty much necessary on my 250 pig with a single ring front though.) they all seem to shift poorly when they get dirty, and have problems backpedalling. mind you i don't exactly maintain anything.

DistrictXII said...

I am by no means a big Nightwish fan, but that was pretty epic.