Monday, January 11, 2010

browser dump Jan 2010

I keep on finding fun bike stuff on the internet, and then never do anything with it.
So I present you with tabs 2 through 12 in my browser at the moment. These are things that I've left open for revisiting, but can now close.

Amazing cargo bike spotted in AZ. Be sure to check out that front wheel!

Mini Mega Downhill:

CHUNK 666 has a NEW WEBSITE, and it looks super polished like an urban culture shop.

A bearing size chart

Episode 1 of Pedaling NYC:

PEDALING: NYC - Episode 1 "Pizza Fixation" from Jim Fryer/BrakeThrough Media on Vimeo.

So bad its just bad. I know bikesnob ripped on it, cause that's where I found it. But here I am sharing it for some reason.

Mitsubishi Delica "Godzilla" Huge Lift For Sale

Nice vid of Jacquie Phelan:

Another awesome cyclist convo "PDX Chat before CX Natz":

Gnar tandem track crash:

Trailer for the upcoming film documenting the bike ride from London to Paris by a group of cyclists from around the globe - also known as Cutters:

Wait.. cyclists from around the globe are also known as cutters?
..and they rode 500km in cotton and ball hats?!

In the spirit of cotton and ball caps, Cody is putting on a bad party race and screening of this movie!

Vancouver screening premiere of "London to Paris"- Friday January 15th
RACE: Register at 5:30pm, race at 6:00pm - BRING 2 TALL CANS TO ENTER
race start, finish, and film screening all at Super Champion (245 Main St.)
More info on FixedVan

..and not really bike related, but still awesome:

Wow. Feels pretty good to get all those tabs closed. Its like spring cleaning my cache.


Seb said...

I laughed at the tandem video

mander said...

They actually held it together pretty well. I guess it's hard to otb a tandem.