Saturday, October 03, 2009

Projekt-C is Go.

Much shit has been flung. Many nights of blind drinking. A few lost bikes. Camaraderie. There are a lot of stories to tell, though we can only get to so many. I'm happy to announce that Camilo has finally put his parody blog live.

Budgeez II

Some more photos of the man himself from our Washington Tour, which we have yet to fully sort through and put up a good writeup. Maybe the ProjC blog can help. Glad to have you around, Project-C.

Day 11: Mazama to Rockport

Day 5: Jarrell Cove to Kitsap

Day 11: Mazama to Rockport


mander said...

Your tour looks like it was rad. Thanks for the invite fuckos!

morgman said...

Caption for the first photo in this post: Camilo was adamant about having a skid contest on Kingsway from Broadway, ending at Budgies where there was an indie rock concert happening inside the tiny old shop. My camera battery died before the final event, which left its organizer with an ambulance visit on Kingsway.