Tuesday, September 29, 2009

High Fives all around!

Here's a vid of one of my favorite NYC passtimes. The taxi hailing high five:

Just beatiful. I'm actually pretty glad to see the positive reaction from the majority of peds there. I never really looked back to see if they were stoked or crying 'hand rape'.

Speaking of high fives, BIG HIGH FIVES to Morgan for WINNING HELLTRACK 2009!

He stayed in second through the first two motos, advancing onto the final. Still fresh and pumped, he rethought his strategy for the final race. Using Newton's third law he emerged from the first corner in his chosen line and blasted on home to Victory. And WHAT A VICTORY! $70 cash, a Skull Skates Hoodie, A T shirt, A BMX DVD, Cruiser Bars, and a freakin TROPHY! Daaaamn son.. Unsanctioned racing is where its at. Lets see if next weekend's return to Vanier will be as fun.


Jason Fuller said...

Ahh, the good ol' conservation of momentum law. that's awesome for the morgman!

((lyledriver)) said...

Its the sexiest of the three laws if you ask me.

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