Monday, May 04, 2009

Proj NYC is over.

..and not just for Haley and Morgan.

Sorry for the lack of material. Its been really hectic. Having friendly Canadian faces around was good for me. Though, now the countdown to a new life has really begun.

Here's Alan's report on the Freak The Beach ride.

In other Proj News, I think Brandon raced in the MayDays races at the Burnaby Velodrome. I also think N1ck aquired another GT, if only to use for the brake hanger. Morgan got a sunburn and Haley really should be given an account on here. Fuck. Girl beat me on my biggest month EVER.

The skies have opened up and we're getting a good soaking. I've put my fenders back on and straightened my bars. That of course has nothing to do with the fenders, but its a mystery how these ones got bent. I didn't even crash on them. Must have been on the horn hitting a pothole or something? Anyways, the fenders keep me drier longer.

Typed that too soon actually. I now HAVE crashed on those bars. I went down pretty hard yesterday. high speed hooked.

Lyle damage: swollen/scraped wrist, swollen knees, sore back
Bike damage: bars twisted on steerer, right crank bent, rear wheel out of true, saddle ripped open
Taxi damage: passenger side mirror removed and dangling from power cords

I'm going to go look at a cargo van out past the far Rockaways tomorrow. We'll see how much the bent crank bugs me after that.

Its really bittersweet. This mood. I knew the year would be short. But now that there are 3 weeks left, it seems REALLY short. Part of me wants to get back to Canada, part of me wants to dig deeper into NYC.

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