Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leaving NYC

Wow. last post was May 12. Has it been that long?
I've been slacking.
Time flies when you are trying to Escape from New York.
This month I'm only somewhere over 700k.
I haven't ridden in the past 3 days.
I've possibly got damage to the upper bursa in my knee.
My apartment is in boxes.
I will soon live in a van.
I'll be off the internet for one or two months.
Wish me luck.
Perhaps I'll update with a photo here and there as I make my way across the USA.


Anonymous said...
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Matthew said...

A journey begins. Be kind to your knee. We'll see you in a few months?

PS - I'll be in Chicago June 13th to the 19th if you're around Illinois.

revphil said...

have a great summer, good luck staying away from los internerds!

tenspeed said...

good luck... cross the Continent some thing I have always wanted to take my time to do.