Friday, May 09, 2008

"Well, at least we know you lead an active livestyle."

You know you may be injury-prone when your doctor bursts out laughing upon pulling up your medical records. I have essentially pinch-flatted my hip socket, and indirectly, the good Doctor G. is responsible for it all. He's got something like six years worth of bulging discs, subdural hematomae, strained trapezus muscles, and WorkSafe BC reports up in his laptop, and he's kind of like Ed in the sense that I only drag myself in to see him after something very, very bad has happened deep within the bowels of China Creek.

BMX is pretty much about all about eating it and talking shit. The Come Up presents Go In TV:

Kids start screaming in pain 15 seconds in, the heckling begins in earnest at 1:06, and if you listen closely, you can distinctly make out the phrases "STREET BEEF" and "HOOOON". NYC biting 604 slang, son?

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