Friday, May 30, 2008

Hook for a Handlebar

I just don't know anymore. I've been donating parts, purging possessions. What bike to ride. what bikes to take? Is the Cunny really cracked? (I sanded the hairline to see what was up, and I still can't quite tell) Things are going pretty fast. My eyes water. Eye protection was left at Lance's. I'll have to go back to Sanderson Safety Supply in Portland if I want another pair of those glasses. They also have that crazy reflective striping on the back of Semi Trucks. It goes for like $30 a roll, but how much is safety to worth to you? Its worth what we value it at. I value it the most when towing things too large for my BOB's capacity up clark at high speed. When a suble weight shift over a bump means the rear end of the bike wants to up and pass. It nearly happened to me this morning around 2am as well. The topheavy MECercycle was wedged into the trailer in some type of nosebonk, and strapped down like a dirt bike to a pickup bed. Somehow it gave way though, spilling onto Victoria in front of the Fire hall. Slightly less than a yard sail, just a couple of sparks from my shoes. Straps? check. Mask? Check, FRS radios? ... dead. what the crap. Its the end of Work to Bike week here in Vancouver, and what did we learn? Does 1500 noob cyclists on the streets for a week change anything? Who really WON the commutard challenge? (we ALL did!, YAY). There's just so much going on. Betterer mark your stuff in the Calendar. Two months is going to Fly by. Had a brief ride with JWeeks in Morgan's absence this week. Pallets were ridden. oh yes. Trembling after a brakeless sprint across town on his BMX. Moppy hair in his eyes. Hoon is strong with this one. Morgan didn't take the Stairmaster to Italy. No Church be easy. N1ck has debarred the lolcat in the hopes that his hip will forgive.. so I guess that leaves me with unofficial B Weeks. I'm also frantically trying to get This BCClettes mobile show lounge trailer cabarextravaganza out of the way. Hopefully my diagrams will aid Robert, when he's doing the metal work. I'm designing for girls, with the only girl input being Wifey. Lets hope our combined common sense makes for a usable end product. Wrap up BBQ today where they perform, sans SOUNDTRAILER. but whatever. They can wait. ..or get eaten!

Yeah. Pirate mass today. Hook for a handlebar. BootayBootayBootayBootayBootay.

Project MECercycle

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Nice! I'll have to go check that out!