Friday, April 25, 2008

Critical MASH

A conversation with wifey last night had me thinking about critical mass. About how we get to enjoy a ridiculous street party, thanks to the work of the pioneers of bike advocacy in Vancouver. The Bicycle People. These may be the raingear wearing chanters that everyone loves to hate.. but they really helped us out. Imagine how hectic those early bridge takeovers were!

It just makes me want to mash it up even more. Take over the streets. Prove the superiority of the bicycle. control the cars. establish dominance.

For this I'll need a tool. It will be honed. A cunny. some bullhorns. some oil. Fresh M540s on lockdown.

This month we've got a special guest star, Timmy TimTim Wyatt!

Not to mention TanikAlexis riding for Lance!
I'm riding for the hooligans and rudeboys.

See you out there, bicycle people=]

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((lyledriver)) said...

Whatever. I was distracted. The mass was probably boring anyways.