Monday, April 14, 2008

Cause I'm talkin' about the road

I have found the FGG of touring bikes, with much stricter restrictions and therefore a higher average quality ratio:

Fully Loaded Touring Bicycles - On Tour

Nick B, do you desire a tie and solder job?

Have a look at the regulations and see if you've got anything that fits. Unfortunately, it looks like "fully loaded trailers on fixed gear bikes" doesn't qualify.


midnightsimon said...

I just submitted.

Fully loaded, fuck yeah - and with a polo mallet strapped to the bike, for good measure.

fuck yeah.

PS, that loaded pennyfarthing is about the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

gabrielamadeus said...

Speaking of loaded Pennies, check out this guy's (3rd?) attempt at a penny world tour:

morgman said...

That is the same guy!

nberry said...

That bike is too unlimited. If any of you fine fellows feel like giving my wheel a go(its still incapacitated) then please name your price. Barber gave up after two minutes, I need someone with bigg wheel zeal!

midnightsimon said...

boo yah!