Thursday, March 20, 2008

Industry Hustle

I'm in. Sort of.

I'm working with the bike Doc, setting up business systems, and figuring out ways to make a commuter bike shop, run like a Durachi equipped Colnago. First order of businesss is to trash the P2 International Business Machine. Next up is to browse the industry catalogues and plan how to spend my first paycheque.

Serially though, its pretty fun so far. Its the kind of work I needed. Not nearly as stressfull as the circuit boards... but still enough of a challenge to keep me busy. All the guys I work with seem pretty cool too. ..and the customers are a new thing for me.

I've never dealt with so many new people.. especially new cyclists.
Its quite refreshing to see so many people so eager to learn.

The commute is pretty great too. Morgan used to wax estatic about the DH grade from Combro to Glenbro and how to get the hooligan flow at Clark. I believe it now. That section is better than my Moka Express for the wakeup.

Ideas are forming, metal is cutting.
My new 'City' bike is painful to ride.. it needs some work, but I don't want to spend any money on it. Its broke. flat broke. on flat pedals with straps. Twisted PC? I wish. I'm thinking of grinding out the fork to cram KTJ's Mavic Helium in there a bit further. rawr. I might knife fight it. Pink slips? we don't even have those in Canada. I'll have to look, but I think the form is white?

I've noticed a trend.
I keep blowing out my RIGHT pedal.
You think MEC would notice if I returned two right Wellgos?

Everything is just right. You're not too tired from your after work social netball team practice. There's nothing good on TV. Mmmmm. Conditions are perfect for making love. You turn to me and say something sexy like, "I'm off to bed I've got to work in the morning." I know what you're trying to say baby, you're trying to say "Awww yeah its wheelbase time."

Kittenchopper: 148 cm
Citybike: 108 cm
Spicer 96.5 cm
Megatron: 95.5 cm
Cunny: 95.0 cm
Cheetah: 77.0 cm

1) Cunny to be shortened by one sprocket tooth. 94.5?
2) I like to ride bikes that are measured with a metre stick.
3) The Kittenchopper is barely legal according to translink. Are they talking overall length, or wheelbase?

Argh. I'm all over the place again. I wonder what bike I should be riding today?
Doin it for Mander, or Weeks?

I saw this buildup start a while ago, and somehow totally spaced on checking it again. Looks like it turned out pretty well. And speaking of which. Fixedvan has a new Freakbike forum.. not that anyone in Van rides a freakbike anymore. I've really got to get the kitten running again. I think I can do it for under $40 now.

Oh yeah. If anyone has any local machine shop contacts, let me know.

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