Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holler at Your Dog

3 climbs of the Stanley Park hill. Bombing the North Shore, again. This is becoming a regular Tuesday thing. The Marinoni is back on the road. Today's 72km was apparently how long it takes a new low-end Shimano freewheel to break in. Friction shifters are all out of adjustment, but it rolls fast.

To celebrate the Marinoni's triumphant return, I'm thinking about installing a second top tube (those are all the rage these days), and calling it The Lions Gate Bridge. Seriously, though, I think the bike deserves a nicer stem/bar combo; the question is: Japanese, or Italian?


midnightsimon said...

I think you should honour the mairinoni family's heritage with Italian over japanese.

mander said...

I'm a fan of Japanese for its solid practicality and simple beauty. But, I see midnightsimon's point.